The epic ePOS-kiosks. The smartest way to profit from a webshop instore.

Bring a webshop to your shop floor, wholesale or showroom floor with our smart and savvy digital ePOS-kiosks and fuse the physical with the digital!

Show your entire online assortment on trade fairs, in your pop-up store or elsewhere on location and make instant ordering and checkout fast and easy.

The ePOS-kiosks serve as extra means to communicate your full range of products or promotions. And customers are already on the get-go by easily checking out with PIN or card (both debit and credit cards).

Its function is self-evident common sense: service is most important to sales! Whether you use the ePOS Webshop Instore for easy access to and/or an overview of your full or to find a locally out-of-stock product online your range is always larger! Increasing your turnover and improve your total flow on the spot.

With a hundred ways to benefit from a dozen USPs, why not try them all?


We create a high curiosity and WOW-factor with cool screensavers and attractive lay-outs


We love to create a branded casing for the column to boost the curiosity factor even more


When not in use the kiosk may function as presentation tool! The screen is perfect for e.g. your corporate, brand or product demo films in continuing loops


Customers close the deal on the spot with PIN, debit or credit card, in whatever currency. We are already working on integrating cash payments too..


Fully compliant to the highest and latest standards of privacy regulations


Feel free to contact us to find out

From doing digital to being digital and a customer-first approach

Never sell ‘no’ for an answer. Always simplify and speed up the ordering process. The motivations are plenty: people never like to queue up nor want to learn the product is no longer in stock on this location. Yet, people always want to know what more you have available and appreciate your suggestions…
These are portable webstores! Take them anywhere your representatives go pitch your business in pop-up stores or trade fairs!

Personalised interfaces

The base for the ePOS as shop-in-shop may be your current webstore online, though we might as well be realizing your first steps into e-commerce with them. General Online (GO!) tailor-makes it as advanced as your business is up to.

Just talk with us to find out: A good idea which is not run never produces sales… With minimal clicks or taps on the interface we bring customers to the desired product.

Product Foto’s





Various service packs

Also maintenance hardly becomes an issue. We offer various service packs that can be sized to your business: including the real-time publishing of changes in yourprices or assortment integrated with your main webshop.